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As an answer to the context of economic and social exclusion on one hand, and the effects of climate change on the other hand in the Paraguayan neighborhood of “Chacarita”, the project “Ñemuha Chacarita” proposes pragmatic architectural actions regarding public spaces. As a sub-tropical country, Paraguay, which deals with temperatures between 30 and 50 °C most of the time, has suffered the last few years, unpredictable heats, rains and storms. Thus, considering the floods and the lack of drinking water in the country, which affects half of the neighborhood, the project chose to deal with these situations including them in a greater vision.

These interventions point at the introduction of a local economy allowing a self-management of daily needs, as well as the development of mobility for an opening towards the “formal” city and the Paraguay river, located behind. It is about trying to offer tools for a volunteer and more participative appropriation of the space for less pollution.

By proposing a technical solution to face these major challenges, it’s the opportunity to 

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